School District

We partner with you to create an on-site program that meets the unique needs of your students.

Whether you have access to the grant or non-grant funding, we work directly with you to design a program to meet your families’ needs.

Comprehensive program is offered M-F until 6 pm on your campus.

Our comprehensive program is available through grant funding, donations or fee-based payment system for parents.

Daily schedule includes enrichment activities, homework help, healthy snacks, and outdoor play.

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”

Your donation can create
an everlasting impact.

Our Mission is to create a world where our children can thrive.

After School Education and Safety

Our After School Education and Safety Programs are available at the elementary school levels and are funded by the California Department of Education. The aim of an ASES program is to provide educational enrichment activities supplemental to our students’ regular school learning.


All fee-based programs are paid for by the parents themselves who are looking to supplement their child’s learning experience. Our offerings include a comprehensive after school program as well as catalog-based enrichment activities. All topics fall within the categories of Academics, Visual & Performing Arts, Health & Fitness, and Life Skills.