Empowering children through Sports Activities

Our Foundation aims to help children grow into confident, healthy adults ready to take on the world through our After-School Program. Activities included in the program provide sports training that imparts vital skills like teamwork and leadership.

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Our Only Mission is to Fulfill Others Dreams

Contributing Towards Greater Good

The Foundation aims to help children from disadvantaged communities lead more physically active lives. It continues to achieve this goal through the Sports for Learning
program, which connects education and sports.

A Sense of Belonging

In a world where children are underrepresented in the classroom and over-represented in the workforce, we must provide them with the opportunity to channel their energy and creativity into something that can give them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Sports offer participants an opportunity to gain confidence in themselves while developing skills they can apply to their lives outside of sport.

Collaboration Breeds Success

We provide a comprehensive program that blends afterschool with outdoor-ed to teach life and leadership skills.

We work with you to create a program that meets the specific needs of your students.


All staff are given ample training opportunities to enhance their skills and career.

Staff are well compensated and receive a competitive benefits package.
We work with schools eligible for grants to help secure funding for their programs.


Create a physically and emotionally safe environment that promotes student participation and inclusivity in all  activities.