Studies have shown that after school programs have reduced the number of school drop-outs and how it has improved students academic performance. This will result in more students going to college and having a successful career. Our after school programs will significantly reduce the adverse effect of lack of supervision during the after school hours which is a big concern for families contemporarily.

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Our Only Mission is to Fulfill Others Dreams

Silicon Valley 4 Kids provides kids with an opportunity to get active and have fun while improving their athletic skills. This program is more than just playing games; it’s about building character through teamwork-driven experiences that will help them succeed on and off the field! The disciplined training sessions focus on developing physical fitness alongside positive aspects such as Leadership Qualities and Mental Resilience.
After school programs are crucial when it comes to improving children’s self esteem and being socially active. Silicon valley for kids is creating them a safe and comfortable environment for them to explore their talents and interests and improve their cognitive skills and at the same time be physically active and energetic.