Bridging the Opportunity Gap

Providing quality after school and experiential education programs throughout the Bay Area.

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Community Rooted. Mission Driven. Impact Focused.

Silicon Valley 4 Kids is a community rooted sports-based after school program and experiential education organization serving bay area communities.

We bridge the opportunity gap by creating transformational learning opportunities that empower youth to realize their full potential.

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Our Mission is to create a world where our children can thrive.

What Makes Us Unique


We continuously improve programs through regular input from all stakeholders.

Impact Focused

Focused on improving athleticism with positive character-building for long-term impact on future communities.

High Quality

All elements of our programs are structured, engaging, and hands-on. We expand on regular school day learning.

Instructor Driven

An energetic and experienced group of athletes, coaches, educators, dancers, musicians, and mentors, all working together to develop your community’s youth.

Community Rooted

Our programs are built by and for their specific communities. Staff at each site model the diverse student populations at each school because they come from within those communities.

Structured Customization

Programs customized to community needs, facilitated by staff from within the neighborhood.


The program is directly driven by our youth. Their involvement ensures a program they want to attend.

Quality Partner

We provide after school, outdoor, enrichment, and leadership programs to elementary and middle school students.


SV4K believes strongly in the importance of parent engagement with student education. We encourage families to get involved with their student’s after school.

Our Programs

School Program
To inspire students to think outside the box, focus on academics, and be productive while developing time management skills.
After School Program
After School Programs to improve social skills, discover new talents, build self confidence and make learning more fun!
Summer Program
Giving kids the opportunity to explore nature, foster friendships, nurture growth and advance their problem solving skills.
Sports Program
To boost physical endurance, learn fundamental principles like consideration, respect, communication and cooperation.
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Contributing Towards Greater Good

The Foundation aims to help children from disadvantaged communities lead more physically active lives. It continues to achieve this goal for the Learning program, which connects education and sports.

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